About JP Muscle

JP Muscle is a father and son owned and operated business brought to you by Jeff and Preston Roberts. Jeff started our parent company Wheelsforless.com in 1991. Wheels for American muscle cars, hot rods, classic cars, and classic trucks have always been a huge part of our business and helping enthusiasts find the perfect fit is our passion so we made this website just for you!

Who is wheelsforless.com

Since 1991 our parent company Wheelsforless has been dedicated to giving customers professional service, quality brands, and affordable prices. Owned and operated by Jeff Roberts, Wheelsforless originally began as a distributor for Cragar Industries selling the original Cragar S/S and Tru-Spoke wheels.

The 1990's brought great change not only to Cragar Industries, but the wheel industry in general. As Cragar no longer became a viable option, Wheelsforless developed relationships with other brands such as American Racing, and became a leading seller of custom wheels in the state of Texas.

At the end of 1999, Wheelsforless began developing an online website which went live in 2000. By 2002 Wheelsforless had become one of the largest distributors of American Racing wheels in the United States. Growing to distribute quality brands such as Foose Wheels, Billet Specialties, Moto Metal, Ion Alloys, and XD Wheels.

Great Customer Service is always our Goal!